Theramed Memogel Cooling Pad


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Theramed Gel Cooling Pad

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  • The Theramed Gel Cooling Pad fits in your pillow slip or you can be used on any part of the body

    A simple to use Gel Pad used to cool down any part of the body where required. It is designed to help sufferers of hot temperatures, hot flushes, menopause, radiation therapy or simply feel hot when at resting or sleeping.

    The Gel layer uses conduction to transfer heat from the body into the gel product cooling the body down.  

    The Theramed Gel Pad can either be used at room temperature or can be placed in the fridge for an extra cold effect. It is essential that if being refrigerated, the Cooling Pad be placed inside the zippered plastic bag provided so it is not exposed to moisture.

  • Size 42cm wide x 29cm deep
    height approx 1cm
    material non toxic silica gel encased in poly euerethane membrane

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