Support U - Side Positioning Plllow - Minimise Snoring by Preventing Back Sleeping


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Support U - Side Positioning Pillow - Minimise Snoring by Preventing Back Sleeping

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  • Want to stop snoring? Been diagnosed with Sleep Apnoea? Want the best sleep possible? 

    The patented Support U pillow is designed to help you with all of these issues by forcing you to sleep on your side. The memory foam and polyfill Support U pillow is the most affordable and effective way to alleviate snoring and is the best solution to a more restful sleep for you and your partner. Get your life and your sleep back on track!

    Benefits of the Support U Side Sleeping Pillow
    - Drug Free - Benefit from a good night's sleep without the need for medications to relieve snoring.
    - Comfortable - The U shape design of the Support U Pillow will allow you to be supported while falling and staying asleep.
    - Supplement - The pillow can be used in addition to any oral appliance or CPAP for your benefit. The pillow may also make wearing a CPAP more tolerable.
    - Affordable - The Support U pillow can have a dramatic effect on improving your health and well being for a fraction of the price of other products.
    - Happy Partner - Need we say anymore!
    - Anyone can use the Support U pillow

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